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Thank you so much for joining me here… I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and so many other amazing people from around the country and the world.

As an author, speaker and BREAKTHROUGH MENTOR my mission is to empower individuals to be CONSCIOUS CREATORS in their life. To awaken to their purpose, to step into their divine authentic power, to take full accountability for the results in their life and to consciously design the future they want to have…

I hope that through sharing my journey, my experiences, my mistakes and my breakthroughs, I might inspire, instruct and invite you to rise to new possibilities in your life.

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27 thoughts on “Welcome… Grab Your Free Gift.

  1. Thank you GR…You are right on!!!
    I am one of those lucky wives that has a husband that does all this…
    I am going to use your advice to work on being a better wife!!!

  2. Not sure if this book came too late for my marriage but I defiantly appreciate your words!!! I will learn and grow from them…thank you!!!

  3. Thank you so very much for choosing to allow your very personal insights and lessons about your marriage to be posted online for everyone to read. So many people agree with your thoughts and words because you speak profoundly of the truth. You have definitely thought about this sacred topic with great sensitivity and love! You are a blessing!

  4. Hey Gerald,

    Saw you on The Today Show this morning. I am almost divorced after 16 years of marriage and so I found your interview interesting and helpful. I was looking for a list of all your love lessons. Is that published somewhere?

    Thanks for sharing your experience and lessons with everyone. This journey of divorce is one of pain, no matter which hat you were wearing and to hear and read others experiences and lessons learned is very connecting. Wish you best.


  5. Mr. Rogers,

    I saw you on the Today show this morning. It was perfect timing in so many ways. I am 38, I’ve been married to my best friend John for 13 years, and we have 3 beautiful children. But, you touched on many things that are so true, and raw, and real. Thank you!

    I look forward to hearing from you, reading what you have to share, and moving forward with my own life.
    All my best,

  6. I read your article and related to it on so many levels. January of this year, my divorce was finalized & although I was the one who filed for divorce, it hurt. It was a very painful experience. Reading your article meant a lot to me. More than once, I even cried reading parts of it, because it reminded me of my marriage years ago. Thank you for sharing your story!

  7. I appreciate your posts and for having the opportunity to have friended you on Facebook. Thank you Gerald, I know that there are others who want to friend you,but are unable to do so because you have so many already. Lucky me!

  8. Very inspired by your story, specifically the candor and vulnerability you shared so openly.

  9. I found your marraige post through a share and ever since I started following you in Facebook!’ I have to tell for what I am going through which may be very different from yours, yours words have proven to be a healer and I know healing takes time 🙂

  10. Very impressive. I have dated men with more than one failed marriage who continue to believe they are the be-all, end-all, and refuse to accept any responsibility or accountability for any part of the demise. And have no concept of effort to each other and cherishing . . What is the point if you don’t LEARN anything? I personally am FAR from perfect, but I feel much more ready now than during or immediately after my divorce, to achieve a fulfilling relationship! Reading, reflecting, observing, and living in a thoughtful way has brought me to a strong place that makes me a full partner to someone who recognizes the value of a committed LOVE CHOICE!

  11. I saw you Thursday on the Today show. I am sad that you had to go through hurt for me to see that I need to follow your facebook post, not my husband. Sometimes it is the wife’s fault.

  12. Dear Gerald

    Shalom! Greetings from Malaysia! You’re awesome and inspiring. Life goes on despite unforeseen circumstances. Thank God for His grace and love, we can go through life’s disappointments and move on. God bless you as you bless others!

    Warmest regards

  13. Thank you!! I’m trying to make sure I use all good pieces of advice! Divorce was the last thing I expected for my life and I will do anything to avoid making the same mistakes twice. Love is worth working for, fighting for and living in!
    All the Best to You!

  14. I Am just glad that I have the chance to change, to believe again in my marriage. My journey of growth has also come from the deepest pain, our learning is very similar, but we now travel a slightly different road but the same destination. The journey we take through relationships and life is of self discovery and development, relationships are our opportunity to learn more about us the individual, but unfortunately we spend more time looking at what the other in the relationship should be doing… I have had a second chance to look at me in my marriage, it’s not easy staying as I am sure it is not easy leaving but we grow from it. I keep getting the message that this is my training ground. Am I preparing for something for something big that I needed such training? Only God knows, I pray I have listened well and that I will have all the skills I need on this next part of my journey. Thank you for sharing your journey God brings us message in all shapes and sizes.

  15. Blessings to you for helping so many, through your personal losses and experiences. I feel that I have been tasked to do the same. Thank you!

  16. I work with an organization called Beginning Experience. It is a peer program that offers retreats for people who are widowed, divorced or permanently separated. We work on looking at ourselves, our families of origin and what got us to where we are. We work to recognize some of the ways we see and deal with grief. Trust is a big part of recovery, trust of ourselves, others and God. Then forgiveness of ourselves and others. After seeing you on the Today show, I would like to find out more so that I can share with our team members. Thank you , Bee Gee

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