3 simple ways to ACCESS MORE of GOD’S POWER in our life….

“Men and Women who turn their lives over to God will find out that he can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends and pour out peace. Whoever will LOSE his life to God will FIND he has eternal life…”- Ezra Taft Benson

I love this quote. I believe it. Everything that we truly want can be found through a deeper connection with the divine….

… and yet most of us, myself include, constantly cloud that connection with the busy thoughts of our cluttered minds, the need for distraction in the form of entertainment, and the desires and distortions of our Egos to the point where we have little or no true relationship with God.

There is so much NOISE in our life, that there is no way for us to hear God’s still small voice that is constantly trying to speak to us.

Why is that? Why do we hunger and crave the mediocre and the mundane when something so much greater is available?

Why do we hover in the smoggy mirk of the valley, when just up the mountain there is fresh air and a clean and stunning view of life?

For me, it’s because it’s easier to chase the shiny objects that are close and familiar to me, the ones that shout at me and satisfy my ego, rather than have the faith to leave them behind and do the work involved to climb the mountain to find an invisible God.

My ego craves attention. It hungers for short term satisfaction. It would rather turn on a movie, or go on a date, or finish a project, than invest that time in sitting in silence and searching for Gods voice…

My ego causes me to run around, chasing a mirage, hoping to find the love and peace and joy that want in the people and things around me, only to discover that they are shallow and hollow rewards compared to what God is offering to us.

What I have discovered though is that God is way closer than I had ever imagined, and when we open our minds we can find Him in the middle of crowded grocery store, during a stressful moment at work, or in a car stuck in rush hour traffic, just as much as by a mountain stream, or in a temple. When we choose to open our hearts and minds to him, He is always there, wanting to speak to us, to guide us, and to be part of our life.

But the immense blessings He has to offer, which are beyond anything we could find or create on our own, are conditioned upon us asking and seeking for Him in our life.

So, here’s what I have found as 3 simple ways to stop chasing the mirage of my ego and to find God again in my life.

1) DESIRE… It all begins with desire. We have to choose God over everything else. That desire has got to be strong enough that we are willing to say NO to all the good things in our life, and to truly PURSUE the GREAT THINGS that God offer us. Without that desire we won’t make the sacrifices or do the work that is required to find Him. Desire creates the fire and motivation to change our lives so it is in ALIGNMENT with the DIVINE. Sadly, for most of us, it’s not until our life falls apart, and we go through deep dark trials that we have enough desire to change. This is why God often blesses us with these problems. They are his GIFT to help us reawaken our desire to connect with Him. The desire that we gain is the seed of FAITH required to access God’s presence in our life.

2) SEEK SILENCE… We live in a crowded and noisy world, but the noise in our environments is nothing compared to the noise within our minds. God rarely yells at us, most of the time it’s a quiet subtle voice that can only be heard when we shut off the TV, get away from other people, clear our mind and tune our minds to his presence. Meditation, yoga, walks in nature, certain calming instrumental music, time in sacred places, can all be access points to the divine… but the more we train our minds, the more we realize that even in a noisy place, our minds can still be quiet enough to hear God clearly.

3) ASK… and ye shall receive. IF it’s true that their is an omnipotent source in the universe that has the power to do anything at all for us, and that this divine source loves us and wants us to be happy, why do we not more actively ASK CLEARLY FOR WHAT WE WANT? Just like it is with me and my kids, so many of the things that God wants to give us, are conditioned upon us being willing to ASK for it. And then we must be willing to do our part and to take the inspired actions we are given to create it.

Here’s two keys I have discovered to asking…

First, I try to make sure my will is in alignment with God’s will. That I’m not asking from my ego, but from my higher self. There are a lot of things that my ego wants that God knows would be destructive for me. So, often I will ask God to help me to know what to ask, for Him to help me to see what I need. I believe that He can see more clearly than I can, so my first desire to gain more of his perspective so I can ask from that place… and then I can ask CLEARLY for what I want.

Second, I ask for Him to direct me, and not to do it for me. For instance if I want to be more successful in my business, I don’t ask him to give me more money, but rather to inspire me on ways I can serve more people. If I want to have a better relationship, I won’t ask for him to magically change my partner, but will ask him to direct me on how I can show up better… I believe just like any good father, God wants to EMPOWER us, not ENABLE us.

There are countless ways that God’s presence can change, bless and enrich our lives. Our connection with God though, is like any relationship. Every relationship takes time to nurture and develop. It takes meaningful conversation and dedication. It requires making that relationship a priority in our lives.

When that relationship with God is in place though, everything else becomes easier, including our relationship with others.

One powerful way that I have experienced a greater relationship with God is through ‘ intuitive writing ‘. What I do is take some time after I’ve quieted my mind, and I pull out my journal and I write a question to God, and then without filtering my thoughts I allow myself to write whatever response comes to me. It becomes a conversation with God, rather than a monologue of prayer like I use to think prayer was. God can only speak to us when we stop talking long enough to listen.

So, if you’re looking to have deeper and more fulfilling relationships, experience more happiness, peace and joy, create more abundance and have greater health in your life, why not invite God to be CEO of your life? Why not build your own relationship a little deeper with your father, who happens to be the most powerful source in the universe? Why not set aside a little time today to invest in that relationship?

I’m not sure why, but I felt inspired to share this today. Maybe it’s for you, or maybe for someone else. But I hope that in these words you find a little more hope, and in that hope you’ll have the DESIRE to grow in your connection to God, that you’ll be willing to SEEK the SILENCE required to listen to Him, and that you’ll be willing to ASK for His hand in helping you create what you want today, this week, and this year.

He loves you, and He wants to be on your team.

Gerald Rogers
” You’ve got one life to live, Live BIG. ”


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