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Gerald Rogers is a transformational leader, speaker and coach that has trained thousands of individuals how to discover their purpose, step into their power and learn how to make their purpose driven businesses profitable and LIVE BIG.

His commitment is to leading and inspiring individuals to AWAKEN to their Divine Authentic Power and to Liberate them through Financial Freedom:

In a mission to teach people HOW TO CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM WHILE DOING WHAT THEY LOVE AND LIVING THEIR PURPOSE over the last several years he has led over 100 seminars, teleseminars and events training principles including the following:

  • How to Discover and Live Your Soul Purpose and Live in PERSONAL POWER
  • Understanding your PERSONALITY and living in harmony with your SOUL SCRIPT
  • How to Master Your Mind and Program Your Subconscious to work FOR you rather than against you.
  • The CLEAR GOAL Achievement System for Maximum Performance and Success
  • Peak Performance Strategies of TOP PRODUCERS
  • How to Increase Your Confidence and Lead with Power
  • How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Self Sabotage
  • How to Build, Nurture and Grow Thriving Relationships
  • How to Lay a Solid Foundation for a Purpose Driven Business
  • MODERN MARKETING Strategies for the Purpose Driven Entreprenur
  • Internet Marketing and Social Media Fundamentals
  • AUTHENTIC SALES skills to influence, lead, serve and make money
  • STRATEGIC SYSTEMS to leverage, automate, grow your business for maximum profit and minimal stress.

and more…

It would be impossible to include all of the hundreds and hundreds of handwritten testimonials, video testimonials, emails, posts to facebook and other expressions of gratitude for the impact of Gerald’s work in peoples lives…

Here however are a few examples of what people are saying…

Live Big was by far one of the most amazing events I have ever been to. It was a transformational journey from beginning to end filled with breakthroughs, self-awareness, self-confidence and life purpose discovery. I cannot explained all the things that happened because they are to be experienced not discussed. If you truly want to find out Who you really are? What your life purpose is? What your next step is and who can help you throughout your journey? And you will walk out of there with an amazing network of like-minded , purpose driven creators who are changing the world. Gerald Rogers, thank you again for always giving out the best of you, no one has ever pushed my limits like you did this weekend.I am so grateful for you! Tony Litster, you have made such a great impact on my life , you connected the dots for me and I am so much more clear about my patterns , my limiting beliefs and help me reprogram my mind to get the results that I want in life.Jana Stout Rogers, you are such a gifted goddess, thank you sharing your gifts with us. I am so grateful for ALL of you, thank you so much for being who you are and living your purpose!  – Marieme F.

Live Big! Wow what an incredible experience that was. I feel so blessed to have had 3 full day of incredible training. Gerald you give everything you possess in your events. I had some amazing breakthroughs and I have had so many changes in my life take place in such a short time. I have experienced so much personal growth since Aug. when I joined Prosperity Tribe. I was so engaged in each activity and it brought me so much more clarity in my life. Gerald you always push us to reach to greater heights and to push our limits.

I have not laughed and cried so much as I had the opportunity to share with all of you that were there.– Debbie M.

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