Is there really a “bad” emotion?

Of course we don’t like it when we feel sad, angry, frustrated, bitter, jealous, depressed, afraid, nervous, confused, hurt, offended, or just plain old ‘sucky’.

But what if even those emotions were only there to serve us?

Each of us have inside of us an “internal guidance system” which is our emotions. They are constantly teaching us when we are in ALIGNMENT with our highest selves and our purpose, and when we are not.

When our thoughts, beliefs and actions are “off” it creates painful emotions that are an alarm or signal to say ” WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. Something needs to change.”

The more we resist that message, the longer the pain lasts and the more intense it becomes. The more we cast blame on others for the pain we experience, the less power we have to create that change.

So, the next time you are feeling an emotion you don’t want… don’t think it’s bad. Instead, be GRATEFUL for that warning and ask what do I need to change? What would I have to believe to feel this way? What are the actions that I have taken that have led me here? and What do I need to believe and do differently now?

And in those questions you will find the power to shift the emotions you have… in those questions and the decisions you make you will find the power to Live BIG.

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