Becoming the EYE at the CENTER of the STORM.
– How to find Peace in Chaos, Finding Power in Change. –

Change, they say, is the only constant. Growth and decay, Birth and Death. Every Ending leads to a new Beginning.

Every day, and every season a reminder of this constant cycle.

Yet, despite it’s constant presence we tend to fight or resist change.

We fear letting go of the past and stepping into the dark uncertainty of the future.

We would prefer to linger in the familiar comfort of what we’ve known, rather than step into the bold possibilities of the unknown.

We create attachment to things we want, things we love, and we know that letting go would hurt.

So we try to hold on to what was. We try to fight our way back upstream to where we once were.

And then life brings us these GIFTS in the form of STORMS of CHAOS, and CHALLENGES, and HEARTBREAK, and SICKNESS, and CHANGE. Our world gets thrown upside down as we lose a job, or go through a divorce, or get ill, or lose someone we love.

These are the moments in our life where we are swept off our feet in the raging current in life and everything seems to be breaking down around us.

So how do we find peace or power in this place? How do we become the EYE at CENTER of this wild storm of uncertainty…

1) SURRENDER. Sometimes we confuse surrender to weakness, but the truth is this is where we find our power. When we stop fighting and resisiting what “is”, and learn to embrace it with a reverent and open heart, we discover that there is nothing to fear. Everything is happening for a reason, and while change is inevitable, struggle is a choice.

2) SEEK THE GIFT. I believe that every experience in life, Good or bad, offers us a gift to become better. When we focus on our challenges being a “problem” we stay stuck, but when we see them as an “opportunity” we find that there is a lesson hiding there, just waiting for us to discover. There is always, always, something that will bless your life when you find it. During these moments, try on the question, “What’s great about this? ”

3) SLOW DOWN. Stop fighting. stop racing. Slow down. Breathe. Ground yourself. Be Present. All of your pain and confusion and fear lie either in the future or the past. When you pause, and you focus on this moment right here, there is no fear, stress, or doubt. Slow down. Trust that everything will be ok. and FIND GRATITUDE and PEACE RIGHT NOW. Peace isn’t something just for the future. It is available at this moment. It’s yours waiting to be claimed, but it can only be found when you stop pursuing it, and simply allow it.

4) SAY A PRAYER. Seek the divine. You are not alone. God is always wanting to love and support you. Always. But so often, that love and support is conditioned upon our asking and being willing to receive it. I believe these moments are the ones that create the greatest catalyst for us to discover how close God really is, and how much He really cares. Find Him. He is waiting for you with infinite peace, comfort and love.

5) SERVE. Somehow, when we are stuck in the middle of our problems we get consumed with ourselves and feel alone. When we turn our focus outside of ourselves, and look for meaningful ways to give and to serve, then our problems seem to become less significant and we realize that we are all one. We all struggle. And we all dream. We all need to feel connected. You have the ability to be an angel in someone else’s life. Be that. The world needs you.

and then, just remember. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. It always does. As much as it hurts now. As scary as it is. It shall pass. Your heart will heal. The end will lead to another beginning, and there is something beautiful waiting for you in this next chapter.

So get ready. Because something amazing is about to happen.

Life is a miraculous journey. The downs are just preparing you to go even higher.

Be courageous. Be Bold…. and be Patient. You’ll be fine. Actually, way better than fine.

Sending you love and light,

Your brother.


you have one life to live, Live BIG.

eye of storm

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