I often find myself CROWDING GOD OUT of my life….

I remember when I was going through my divorce and my whole life felt like it was falling apart I had never felt a deeper and more intimate connection with God. It was like for the first time in my life I had really learned how to speak to him and to hear him speak to me.

Sometimes I would spend hours on my “walks with God” seeking a peace that I craved that I know could only come through Him. He was the strength that carried me through my darkest nights.

But I’ve noticed again how easy it is for me to be disconnected from him as I get busy with my life and when everything is great. How often I find He is last on my list of priorities rather than first, and I just fit Him in when I don’t have anything else to do.

I crowd him out with my work when I am busy launching projects, working with clients and get consumed with managing my business…

I crowd him out with friends, movies, entertainment, and yes, sometimes even Facebook becomes where I spend my time instead of going to Him.

Why is it that when life is full and good, I don’t seek him out. But when I am empty and in pain I pour myself into him…

I often think of my connection to God being like tuning into a radio station. There is a very specific channel that God is broadcasting on and when I “tune in” he is always ready to speak to me… but when I get busy my “radio” is filled with music, static, and noise, and I can no longer hear that still quiet voice on Gods station.

Tonight I had a chance to go to the mountains and clear my mind for long enough to let God in… and He reminded me, as He seems to always do, that He loves me, that He is always there for me, and that He is inviting me to draw closer to Him.

He wanted me to remember my mission and my purpose and that He wants to be part of my life… every day. And that when I “tune in” and allow Him in, my life will be filled with even greater clarity, direction, happiness, purpose and power than I have experienced before…

He reminded me that my relationship with him is like any relationship, and requires time to be nurtured.

And he reminded me that it is always MY CHOICE as to whether I let him in or not. His is simply a voice of invitation and not of force…

And so now, I am choosing to schedule more time for God. Yes, in the calendar type scheduling, before anything else. If I want Him to be the CEO of my life, I need more time to actually listen. This is a journey for me. One of the many lessons that I seem to constantly forget and am reminded of.

Hopefully, if you are like me, this is a reminder for you too… to stop crowding God out with your business and to let him in.

And hopefully as you do, you find how much he wants to be part of your life.

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