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“I’ve failed over and over again in my life… and that is why I succeed” – Michael Jordan

One of the greatest differences between those who “succeed” and achieve MASSIVE results and those that merely “make it by” is their perception on failure.

Quite simply, unsuccessful people are stopped because of their FEAR of FAILURE. Successful people understand that FAILURE DOESN’T EXIST.

It’s simply in the way that we “perceive” or define it.

So two questions: 1) What are people really afraid of? and 2) How do we adopt the mindset of success?

When people say they are afraid of “Failure”, what their really saying is they are afraid of being rejected by others. There is also sometimes a fear of loss, or of change… and ultimate all those have a root in the limiting belief of not being loved or good enough.

And so as a result, they stay on the sidelines and never get in the game, because they ask themselves “what if I fail?”

Here’s the good news, and the bad news to that question… I can tell you the answer. You will mess up. You have to, if you want to succeed.

When I trained Real Estate investors I saw this same frustrating story over and over and over again… People would go to seminar, after seminar, spending an unbelievable amount of money on their education and NEVER take action and buy a property because of that fear of failing.

What they didn’t see is what I saw hanging around extremely successful multi-millionaire investors… The people who were successful had “failed” an unbelievable amount of times.

Successful people “fail” way more times than unsuccessful people.

But here’s the million-dollar secret… they never saw it as failure.

In my own experience, the first of 65 houses that I bought I LOST $45,000.(I wish I could say it was the last of my bad experiences, but it wasn’t)

But in my mind, that was simply $45,000 that I just invested in my education to make sure that I succeeded in the future.

If I would have given up, then yes, in my mind I would have failed. But as long as I pick myself up and keep moving forward to my dreams and goals, then my STUMBLING BLOCKS become my STEPPING STONES.

It was because of moving forward that I got to the point where I was having months where I would make $60K -$80K.

Even when the market shifted and I lost everything and went through bankruptcy, I never gave up on the core belief that everything is conspiring for my good, and that each experience makes me stronger, wiser and more prepared. And that has led me to a state of greater abundance and happiness now than I have ever experienced before.

Ultimately, in looking back, those experiences have given me a depth, an appreciation and understanding, and a confidence that I NEVER could have learned another way.

I’m not saying you have to go bankrupt to be successful… but maybe you do need to get over your fear of it, so you’re willing to step up and answer the call you feel inside and move towards your dreams… even if it means risking a little, and doing things you have no idea how to do.

One of my core beliefs is “In order to be great at anything, you must first be willing to be bad”

“Every master was once a disaster.”

There’s a great book by John Maxwell called “Failing Forward” where he outlines the core mindset of successful people on failure.

Unsuccessful people may look at making a mistake as “failure”.

Successful people understand, that when you play any game, especially when you’re getting started, you’re going to fall down sometimes. Failing is only if you do not get back up. As long as you do get back up and stay in the game and stay focused on reaching the goal, you will get there everytime.

Another core belief of successful people is that success, is not a destination, but a journey. Success isn’t just the moment you reach the goal, but it’s just as much the moment you fall down, and simply decide to get back up.

Celebrate your victories along the way.

No great achievement came without paying the price. Nearly every overnight success has been 10 years in the making.


So next time you find yourself stalling or hesitating, because you’re afraid to fail… just take the first step… and remember you will fail… and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

In the end you’ll discover your fastest path to success is to FAIL FORWARD FASTER.

Remember my friend, you only have one life to live, Live BIG!

Gerald Rogers

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