I’ve always thought that I needed to have it figured out to be ok. I needed to have the answers. To be smart. I felt like I needed to have clear goals, and to know how I was going to reach them. I needed to be in a clearly defined relationship. I felt like in order to be respected, to be loved I needed to have my life together and everything needed to be perfect.

As a culture in general I feel like we crave understanding, definition, and conclusion. We want to “KNOW”.

But what if the real power is found in LETTING GO of WHAT WE THINK WE KNOW.


What would happen in our life if we dived into the magical space of UNKNOWING and stayed there as long as we possibly can.

You see, when we “already know” then it shuts us down from learning more, from seeing a different perspective, and from being able to experience what’s really possible beyond our current reality.

Our “knowing” is ultimately what keeps us stuck.

What we KNOW already only has the power to get us where we’ve been, not to where we want to go.

But in the UNKNOWING lies the power of growth and change and transformation.

UNKNOWING is the space that contains the MYSTERY, the EXCITEMENT, the POSSIBILITY… It is filled with CURIOSITY and and OPENNESS to EXPLORE.

It is in this space that our HUMILITY allows us to be taught and to be led.

This is where GOD is able to step into our lives and help shape us into who we need to be, rather than who we think we should be.

It is here, in the quiet restless space of uncertainty that we can finally hear our soul calling us to climb a little higher on the mountain to see a view we have never imagined.

Today, as I sit here, my heart hurting after the end of a relationship with someone I love, I am filled with UNKNOWING.

I don’t know where the future leads.

I don’t know why things happen the way they do.

I don’t know where God is leading me down this crazy winding path of my life.

I don’t have the answers… but maybe I don’t need to.

Maybe I just need to be in the question, and to be curious and open, and to allow myself to not know, and to feel the perfection in that.

Today I choose to UNKNOW everything….


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