How do you Live Big on a daily basis? How do you maintain the energy and excitement you feel after a empowering seminar, or a great motivational speech? How do you keep that high-energy, focus and power everyday?

ZIg Ziglar had a classic quote I love “People often tell me Motivation doesn’t last, neither does bathing, that why I recommend it daily.”

Think of it as a fire that continually needs new fuel, a body that needs to be fed, or a plant that needs to be watered. Without consistent efforts it will whither and die. Your spirit is the same.

I’ve found that one of the keys for me in creating the results I really want in life ( happy, healthy, energetic, passionate, empowering, fulfilling and rewarding experiences on a consistent basis) is to start the day on a high note… with time dedicated to RECHARGING the fire.

I first was introduced to this concept by one of my mentors, Tony Robbins, who taught about the importance of giving yourself a gift everyday of time for yourself. Time to refuel and recharge and to reward yourself. time to get in touch with yourself, and by doing so unlocking the power that lies with your self to create the life you want and deserve.

This time can be an “Hour of Power”, “Thirty minutes to Thrive” or “Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment”… whatever it may be, just give yourself time, ideally before the current of life sweeps you away and you get caught up with everything else for the day.

For me the ideal time is first thing when I wake up in the morning between 6 and 7.

This is what I have found works really well for me to “raise my vibration” and to get really tuned in and focused when I start the day. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE to the results I get when I do this. I encourage you to use this or something else like this to add to your DAILY SUCCESS HABITS, to condition yourself for success.


Get your heart pumping and blood flowing. get the energy moving through your body through walking or jogging. It doesn’t need to be strenuous. Focus on enjoying the feeling of being alive. ( for added impact repeat affirmations or incantations as you move “Everyday in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger. yes! Everyday in everyway I’m getting stronger and stronger and stronger. yes!) (may seem cheesy, but it works.)

After exercising, I find a comfortable place to sit down, ground myself and close my eyes as I listen to some uplifting music. clear my mind as I begin to focus on my goals and the things I want to create in my life.


The secret to Happiness is “Gratitude”. Let me say that again. The secret to Happiness is “gratitude”. If you’re ever unhappy it’s because you’re focused on the things you’re not grateful for. If you’re happy you’re focused on things you are grateful for. So it’s your choice what you want to focus on. No matter what crap is going on in your life, you still have SO MUCH to be thankful for. (Think of it really, your standard of living is better than any king or queen or pharaoh or emperor from the past… )

And remember “what you focus on expands.”

As you keep your eyes closed and listen to music (my choice: Pachelbel’s Canon in D by Jeff Pike Barlow ) Take 3-5 minutes to anchor in the feeling of gratitude, wealth and adundance by focusing on the things you are most grateful for in your life. “I’m so grateful for my life, I’m so grateful for my body, I’m so grateful for the eyes which I have that enable me to see the beauty of the world, for my ears that allow me to…

Begin with your body, mind, and spiral outwards to your relationships, home, work, world and nature. Feel a deep sense of joy and thankfulness for everything in your life.

(for added impact anchor the feelings by gripping your right hand and imagine all the things you are grateful for become 10x brighter and clearer and let a smile flood your face… this anchor will allow you to get back to this state quickly and easily by just clasping your hand.)


This is your time to connect with your creator and to ask for help for whatever you are wanting His help with. It’s my belief that God wants to see you succeed even more than you do, and He wants to help you. But many of the blessings he’s ready to give us are conditioned upon us asking for them. That’s just how the laws of the universe were established. “With God all things are possible.” He wants to be on your team. Let Him.

The next song in my playlist that really helps me in my ‘connection to the divine’ is “Lead Kindly Light”- by Sharon Hopkins. As this song plays it’s my chance to ask for guidance, direction, and help… Help me with the choices I need to make today… guide me in my relationships…. lead me to say the things I need to say… Help me find the opportunities that will lead me to my goal… What would you ask God knowing that he wants to help?

4) The Power of AFFIRMATIONS

The final step I go through is anchoring in positive beliefs into my subconsious through affirmations. This can be done many ways. I have created a self-hypnosis recording that I play through my ipod and just listen. sometimes I repeat the affirmations. Sometimes I just listen.

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools for reprogramming your subconscious and reinforcing the positive beliefs you wish to have.

The key to having affirmations create a meaningful and lasting difference is making sure that emotion and belief are involved. Feel the words as you speak them and know they are true. Otherwise they’re just words.

MP3 File

5 ) CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: Create Your Day in Advance

The next phase is simply reconnecting with my goals, and actions I need to take today. I try to imagine myself having ALREADY achieved those goals, allowing htem to become clearer and clearer all the time. After “visioneering” the future, I visualize the day ahead and seeing myself quickly, efficiently, and joyfully accomplishing everything I need to get done.

Envision the meetings you have going well, the work that needs to be done going smoothly, the things that need to be accomplished being done easily….

Create an energy of positive expectation.

(Music recommendation : Now We Are Free : Gladiator Soundtrack. )

By this time I’m feeling unstoppable and I’m ready to rock the day.

Try it and tell me what you think.

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