I’ve been extremely blessed over the last 10 years to have lived my dream life as a coach, speaker and seminar leader. It has been amazing to host over 100 live seminars, and coach and train thousands of individuals from across the US how to design and create their ultimate life and business.

While there were times that were hard, and I made nearly every mistake you can imagine along the way, there has been something so amazing and satisfying about being able to make a living by changing peoples lives.

Right now, I’m turning a new page in my business now and feel inspired to PAY IT FORWARD and help other coaches or speakers, who know they have a huge message they want to share with the word, to get their message out there and build a 6 or 7 figure business while changing lives.

So I’m taking on a few PROTEGES that I can hand hold through the process and help them learn how to position themselves as leaders in their niche, package their knowledge in high-value programs, and to promote themselves so that they have a thriving and growing practice. You will have all the support you need to turn your coaching into a REAL BUSINESS that provides the income and lifestyle you desire.

I am looking for Coaches and speakers who:

  • Already have the skills and information to serve their clients, but they want to take their business to the next level now. ( This program is not for “wannabes” who don’t take action or to Certify people brand new people who don’t know how to be a coach)
  • Are heart-centered, and who are in this business because they really want to make a difference.
  • Are coachable and willing to be taught, and ready to take action now.
  • Are ready to create amazing results, and build long-term success…

If this is you, then please enter your information below, and you will be taken to my personal calendar where you will set up a 45-minute interview where we can talk, and explore whether it would be a match for us to work together, or not.

I work with individuals from across the country, at all stages of business and life… so wherever you’re at, we can figure out your unique gameplan to take your business to the next level.

space is very limited.

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