Have you ever heard of QUESTIVAL?

I hadn’t until a few weeks ago.

But now, it will be something I look forward to every single year.


Because it is the most epic, funny, hilarious and lifechanging thing I’ve ever done.

Questival is a 24-hour ADVENTURE Scavenger hunt put on by Cotopaxi where your goal is to check off as many of the bizarre challenges the provide as possible with a team of 6 friends.

So, dressed in afros and some capes, some of the 100+ adventures we did included:

1 Arm wrestle a stranger not participating in questival, while armwrestling another stranger lefty, that’s right double armwrestling.

Give one of your teammates a piggy back ride up 3 flights of stairs.

Tandem cartwheel with a teammate for at least one full rotation.

Choreograph a team dance and perform it with audible music in a crowded area.

Sing a song with your team as if you were the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Find an awesome stranger not participating in Questival who is down for a trust fall. Then… hold a trust fall….

What I know for sure, is we will be laughing and talking about this for a long time to come…


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