You may or may not already know this, but in a different life
of mine, years ago, I made a living as a freelance illustrator.

But for the last 6 or 7 years I have made a grand total of just 2
paintings, including an epic 6 foot painting I finished yesterday.
(have you ever buried your talents like that?)

Even though it’s personal, this painting taught me so much about
the act of creation and being an entrepreneur that I felt I should share
with you, with the hope that it may give you some insights on how
you can create your dreams, even if you feel like you’re still intimidated
staring at a blank canvas not sure what to do next.


Within each of us lies an unlimited creative force. A desire to grow, a
hunger to expand, a yearning to make the unseen real, and to turn
possibility into reality.

That force is your Visionary.

All creation begins at one point. A moment of decision, where we
decide to face the unknown and embrace within it the possibility of
something amazing.


For the visionary, there is a sense of excitement mixed with a curious
apprehension, unsure about what happens next.

It takes faith to lay those first strokes. A faith that says, somehow this will
work out- even if I don’t know how. – (It’s sad to think how many creations we
allow to never get past this point.)

Having carefully sketched out the initial vision, there is another leap of faith
required. To move beyond the dreaming, and to commit to doing.

The VISIONARY is fueled by action, by movement, by progress. Nothing kills the
Visionary spirit more that hesitation.

So the paint begins to be laid, one awkward stroke at a time, each stroke
leading to the next, sometimes feeling like you’re going backward, not forward.

Form slowly begins to take shape with our creation, a burst of color here,
or a surprise element there.

You cannot plan the process, you can on dive in and let each moment be
a moment of exploration, wondering where it will lead and accepting that
every meaningful creation has a life of it’s own.

For me… this is where I got stuck last december. dead stuck. I stopped
working on it all together and it sat in my basement silently haunting me
for months.

All creation is blocked by different forms of resistance– excuses, procrastination,
outside voices or inside thoughts- all telling us to stop, and all being signs that
we need to keep going…

Remember, stress doesn’t come from having too many things to do, but
rather from having too many things left undone.

All creators yearn for completion. And until it is done, the unfinished stories
stick like cobwebs in our mind.

For me it took a commitment to my Prosperity Tribe to kick me back into action
and start making progress again. The resistance was still there, but when you
make a real commitment, there is no excuse. (who do you have that you can commit to?)

In the path of creation, the visionary must be willing to sacrifice one
part of their life for a higher one. It means sacrificing entertainment for
education, or comfort for growth, “security” for freedom.

For me it meant sacrificing sleep, as there were nights I wouldn’t
be able to start until 10pm and paint until 3am…. but stroke by stroke
progress is made.

And then at last, even thou realize there is no real finish line, and you could keep
refining it for the next 30 years, it comes to a point where you look and say… I’m complete.

… and then you start looking for your next mountain to conquer.

For me, the beauty of the visionary entrepreneur, is the knowing that perfection
is an illusion and a lie. All the matters is progress and taking the next step… and always
believing that somehow it will lead to something that you can be proud of, because you
invested yourself fully into your work.

And in the process, even though you may sometimes doubt, never forget, YOU

Make the blank canvas of today a masterpiece you can be proud of.

with love and light, your brother.

Gerald Rogers
Helping Entrepreneurs Make Money while Living their Purpose.

“You have one life to live, Live BIG!”

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