You can’t FORCE MANIFESTATION… trust me I’ve tried.

After months of searching, I finally found a new place to live! I love it. Love love love wink emoticon… Seriously, it makes me happy the moment I walk in the door.

But for the last several weeks, I was starting to get a little frustrated. I looked at so many places, but they just didn’t feel right for some reason. Finally, I decided I was just going to sign a lease on this one place, but something still felt uneasy in me.

… and so rather than forcing it. I just decided to relax and allow the perfect place to be manifested in my life…

and then > POOF <. There it was!

The moment I looked at the classifieds online, it was staring back at me, saying… here I am!

I had this same experience buying my new car recently too. ( which I also totally love… )

It reminded me of how often I try to force things to happen before it’s time for them to happen.

How often do we create an agenda for the universe and say this is what I want and I want it now, only to discover that the universe has a different plan for us.

Seriously, I could run down a list of times in work, or relationships, or goals that I have tried to force, push and make things happen that just weren’t supposed to happen. Every time I have tried to force these things, it has led to pain and ultimately has never worked out.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times that it’s important for us to activate our warrior energy, to pursue goals, to overcome obstacles, to refuse to give up no matter what resistance shows up…

But at the heart of Manifesting is learning to allow.

When we are in the energy of FORCE, rather than FLOW we actually prevent ourselves from being able to FULLY RECEIVE, and too often we create unconsciously what we do not want.

FORCE is based on scarcity. It’s based on lack and needing to make something happen in order to be enough.

FLOW is based on abundance. It’s based on trusting that everything we need and desire is already ours, and we just need to allow ourselves to receive.

What I’ve noticed personally, is that the more I learn to be in the flow and align myself with my HIGHER SELF, align myself with GOD, the easier it is to effortlessly manifest perfection in my life.

Here are some of the basic principles I’ve discovered about MANIFESTING a life that we LOVE.

1) GET CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT… What do you want? I mean, really want. Not what your EGO says you should have, so that you can feel validated by others, or good enough for yourself, but what do YOU want? What does the DEEP INNER SACRED part of you want to have, to experience, to learn.

– Go daily into the WORKSHOP OF YOUR MIND for 15 minutes a day and design your dream life in minute, vivid details.

2) BELIEVE THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE IT… Let your mind be convinced that everything you have is already yours. It may not necessarily exist in your current reality, but it’s coming. When you truly believe that it’s yours now, it becomes part of your new “comfort zone” and your mind does not try to reject it when it comes.

– Use your IMAGINATION to believe it’s already yours and to feel the emotion of having it, without worrying about how exactly it is going to come.

3) BE GRATEFUL FOR WHERE YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU HAVE right now… Gratitude is the energy and frequency of abundance. When we focus on what we do not have, we feel lack, and abundance can never be created from the energy of scarcity and fear. Realize that where you are at right now is perfect, and is just preparing you to receive even better.

– What are you most grateful for right NOW?

4) WE ARE ALWAYS CREATING : We are constantly manifesting both what we want and what we don’t want. We cannot turn off our ability to create. Its just who we are.

Every thought that we think, every word that we speak is a seed for our future. When we keep nurturing those seeds through reinforcing them through repetition or emotion we ensure that that is the future we create.

Positive thoughts create a positive future… Clear out any limiting beliefs that cast negative thoughts into your mind.

Only allow yourself to think or speak the words that match the future you wish to live.

5) ASK… open your mind. open your heart, and ask… Ask for the direction you need. Ask for inspiration. Ask for support. Ask clearly and ask with faith. “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you…” Like a kind and loving parent, God patiently waits, wanting to bless us, wanting for us to have everything we want, but so often the blessings we receive are conditioned upon us asking for them.

So, Ask for what you want…

6) ACT IN INTEGRITY and INSPIRATION… when you are given direction and feel inspired to ACT, ACT. Do it, follow through. When we are in alignment, while it may take a lot of effort to create, it somehow doesn’t feel “hard”. Those actions may come in the form of work you need to do, a conversation you need to have, a person you may need to meet, or a place that you need to go. When you are living in alignment with the LAW of MANIFESTATION you will always be led to the next door that you need to walk through.

– Focus on ONE STEP at a time. What is the next thing I should do right now to manifest my dreams?

7) BE PATIENT. GIVE IT TIME… There is a law that supports the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation called the LAW OF GESTATION. This law says that every seed that you plant will take its own amount of time to grow. You can’t force an apple tree to grow to maturity in a month, any more than you could force a baby to be mature in a month… it just takes time. Our dreams are like that. Building the right business. Attracting the right relationship… Even if you don’t feel like it’s happening as fast as it should, give it time, keep nurturing the right thoughts and actions, and it will happen.

– Be patient and have faith.

I know that there is more I could share, but I hope you find this helpful. These are some of the principles that I’ve found help us to live and INSPIRED LIFE…

( for more exercises, processes and content to help you create the life that you love, please join us at the next LIMITLESS SEMINAR which is all about MANIFESTING a life that you love. I’d love to have you there! Message me for details.)

your brother, in love and light.



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